Dynamic Hamstring Stretch Exercises

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Dynamic hamstring stretches, or hamstring stretches involving movement, will help you improve flexibility in the back of your legs. Learn how to properly do a dynamic hamstring walking stretch in this free functional movement workout video.

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Video Transcript

KIRK VICKERS: This next movement is called the dynamic hamstring stretch. We're really going to be focusing on the hamstrings, the back of the leg, on the back side of the leg. That group of muscles is called the hamstrings, and we're going to work on dynamically stretching that. Dynamic means with movement. So this next movement is going to be a walking dynamic hamstring stretch. What we're going to do is stand nice and tall. We're going to bring our foot straight up in the air, touch underneath with our fingers. Bring it up. Don't be in a hurry on this. We're not trying to use a lot of momentum, jerk it up and come down really quick. Slow controlled motion, touch your fingertips underneath. If you got a little better flexibility, you can actually go palm to palm underneath if you can. Try to keep the leg straight; try to keep our hips in control. Our feet should always be pointing straight ahead when we do this. You can do about 10 to 15 steps on this and then turn around and come back the other way. I like to do it three or four times up and back with this particular motion. Another thing to be aware of is keep our trunk nice and straight. What we don't want to do would be bringing our head forward. We call that pecking for seed. We don't want to come forward. Nice and tall in here.


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