Foam Roll 90-90 Butterfly for Core Training

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Using a foam roll to do a 90-90 butterfly adds a balance challenge to intensify this great core exercise. Learn how to do a 90-90 butterfly on a foam roll in this free core training workout video.

Part of the Video Series: Core Exercises
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Video Transcript

KIRK VICKERS: The next movement we're going to do again using the foam roll, this is much more advanced. This is not something I recommend for the beginner. If you haven't done some core work prior to this, some deep intrinsic stabilizing, this is not a movement that you should be doing. Go back and view some of the other things that we've done previous to this and build on to this because this is more of an advanced motion and movement. What we want to do--so we want to keep our back nice and flat, a light touch and we want to be in our 90-90 position again, toes up, angle 90 degree at the hips, and the thigh, 90-degree at the leg, the thigh and the low leg. We're going to go here and we're going to go into a butterfly position. Here, light touch, keeping our low back flat, coming back up. A progression on this, if we want to make this even a little more advanced and more difficult would be one arm in the air, light touch, coming down and be careful on this. Excuse me. We need to work both sides together. Toes are up, butterfly position. Many times, you'll find that one side is a little bit stronger than the other, develop them equally. Don't just think that you're going to do more on one side. We want to try to keep that as balanced as you possibly can. If you can only do 10 on one side, we should only be doing 10 on the other side even though you might be able to do more on the stronger side. Again, here take it as wide as you can, look for some good stretch here, keeping your low back nice and flat, and come on up. Toes are up. Forcing that down, you can hear how I'm kinda straining to talk a little bit. I'm firing a lot through this area, belly button to spine. That's we want, nice and slow.


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