Straight Leg Windshield Wiper Core Exercise

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The straight leg windshield wiper core exercise can help you build strength in your lower abs, or lower abdominals, and pelvic muscles to tone and stabilize your core. Learn more in this free core training workout video.

Part of the Video Series: Core Exercises
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Video Transcript

KIRK VICKERS: The next movement in our core sequence of exercise and movements are what's called a straight-leg windshield wiper. So we're going to pretend like our legs are windshield wipers. Again, we're going to cross our legs, press them up. We're going to press up and then we're going to let our legs rock to the side. We're going to try to maintain a good stability point through our hips and our pelvis. Come back, keeping our low back flat as we press up and then go the other way. Nice and slow, we're not trying to do this quickly. Remember, this is not just about counting numbers. We're trying to get a lot of activation through those deep intrinsic muscles, the pelvic floor muscles and the lower abdominals. So press up, come across, still pressing out, still pressing up as we keep this flat. Go from side to side. Again, I'm not trying to come as far over as I can. I don't want to lose this position here and have my back in rotation here. We're trying to keep that nice and flat. So my legs just come over. I'm still in somewhat of a neutral spine position.


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