Improving the Takeaway in Your Golf Swing

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Learn how to improve the takeaway in your golf swing from a golf pro in this free online instructional video lesson.

Part of the Video Series: How to Hit a Long Drive in Golf
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Kensey Snyder. We’re going to talk about the takeaway of the golf swing. Now we’ve gone through the grip and the posture and alignment and that stuff we set up to the ball. So we have our arms hanging down in front of us, in a nice relaxed fashion and as we start to takeaway the club we’re going to feel like the club and our body, our upper body, our chest our sternum are taking the club away. So as we turn this fashion you can see there’s no independent movement of my hands, I’m simply turning and getting a good start to my golf swing. So as I move this way, you can see my right hip is starting to move a little bit, my chest, my upper body is moving more in this fashion, I’m getting everything to load and get as powerful of a golf swing as I can. So as I move this way right into here, you can see the hands and my sternum are still in line and I’m getting ready to go into the next step with the golf swing. So as I turn this way, and you look down the line, it should look more in this fashion. You can see I have not taken the club and whipped it inside too early nor have I not moved my chest and just taken the club and picked it up in this fashion. So together the club and you are going to start moving in a circular rounded fashion right into this position and from here we’re ready to go into the next step.


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