Golf Swing Posture to Improve Your Long Drive

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Learn the best golf swing posture for improving your golf drive from a golf pro in this free online instructional video lesson.

Part of the Video Series: How to Hit a Long Drive in Golf
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Kensey Snyder. We’re going to talk about the posture of the golf swing. Now I’m going to turn around here and I’m going to hold my golf club behind my rear-end or a broomstick, whatever. And I’m going to hold this behind my rear-end so it keeps my spine straight and as I bend over into the golf shot, I get into this position right here. You can see my knees are slightly bent, I’m doing my bending more from the hips in which gets my chin a little more over my toes this way which keeps you in balance. Posture is very important you don’t want to get too sloppy out on the hills, too much into your toes so if we have proper posture, it should be very easy for your hands to hang down in a manner this way which is one of the most often questions I get asked is, “where do my hands go?” “how far away do they go?” “are they in here or are they out in here?” It’s very simple if you get your posture correct and you let your hands hang right here is where they should go, so if you take your right hand off of it and bring it back into here, you’re good to go. So if you pull into here, you’re usually going to get into your heels a little too much, so one of the most important things about the posture is slight knee bent, bend from the hips, don’t get sloppy with straight legs, keep your back fairly straight like this, let your arms hang and we’re ready to go.


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