Golf Grip for Improving Your Drive

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Learn the best grip for improving your golf drive from a golf pro in this free online instructional video lesson.

Part of the Video Series: How to Hit a Long Drive in Golf
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Kensey Snyder. We’re going to talk a little bit about how to hit your driver. The first thing we’re going to talk about is the grip, right now for you right handed golfers you’re going to put your left hand on the grip, it’s going to be more in the fingers, it’s definitely a finger grip. So you’re looking at something along the lines of right into here so you can see your finger is going to go right here and across the finger tips and diagonally across the palm. So as you wrap your left hand over you’re going to be able to look down and see 1-2, 2 and a half knuckles. So there’s no fine line about the grip, but somewhere along those lines it could be a tad bit weaker which is over to the left or a little bit stronger which is over here to the right. We’re going to try to get this to see 2, 2 and a half knuckles when we look down. now one common problem I see with golfers is they take their thumb and they put it really long down on the grip of the club, let’s try and move it up, it’s called a short thumb so the thumb is going to be brought up slightly and as you can see it is definitely in the fingertips of the left hand. So with the right hand we’re going to take our 2 fingers right here and slide them down until they make contact with the index finger, then your pinky is going to either be hooked in this manner or interlocked in this manner. This is an interlocking grip, this is an overlapping or varden grip. It doesn’t much matter, but use one of the two. So as the right hand overlaps and comes in, you can see the left thumb is going to fit very nicely into the lifeline. The thumb of the right hand is going to simply be gently put over the top of the grip in this fashion and the index finger brought up in a trigger finger form right into here. So when you put your grip down, you should feel very comfortable when you look down you shouldn’t see the thumb of your left hand and the Vs, which is this and this both of them should be pointing to your right shoulder. Again if we have a little bit stronger grip, it might be a little bit outside the right shoulder or weaker up towards the chin. Let’s shot for pointed over our right shoulder, somewhere in this manner and we’re ready to go.


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