Yoga Child's Pose

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The child's pose in yoga is a great resting pose to learn for any yoga exercises. Learn how to do the child's pose with tips from a yoga instructor in this free yoga video.

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Video Transcript

A great resting spot for any point in yoga practice is child's pose, it's probably one of the more familiar postures from yoga that most people are familiar with even before they start practicing. So, what you want to do is find a nice seated position, um some people don't have the flexibility in the their quads or their thighs to sit back, so you could sit up a little bit or you can grab a blanket or block and you put it right underneath . Fold the blanket in half and then fold it in half again and set it right underneath the heel, so you're sitting back on the blanket. And what you'll do is slowly walk your hands forward and let yourself come to a resting position. There's several ways you can do this, you can leave the knee straight in front or you can open the knees up slightly so you give space. Important thing to realize is that if you have a little bit of a belly, especially if you're pregnant, anything like that, you want to make sure that you do have some support in your seat as well as when you go forward you want to make sure that you have room for that belly, and slowly bow forward and let yourself rest. Child's pose should be a resting posture that will also stretch the lower back. What you can do, also in child's pose is when you come forward you can bring your arms to either side and let the head rest on the ground and bring your arms to either side. The other way to do child's pose, bring the arms around, let the elbow rest and bring them into a prayer position. The last position can be a very comforting position and also give you a little more of a relaxation and that's how you do child's pose.


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