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The eagle arms pose is a great yoga pose to open the shoulders during a warm up. Learn how to do the eagle arms yoga pose with tips from a yoga instructor in this free yoga video.

Part of the Video Series: Yoga Warm Up Exercises
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Video Transcript

A great way to open the shoulders is through eagle arms or gardarasena so find a comfortable seat you can either be on your block underneath between your heels sitting on the block or sitting in a cross legged position. I prefer to sit on the block cause it allows me to sit up a little bit straighter in this position. So what you want to do is take your arms crossing your right arm underneath your left and bend your elbows, so cross it right above the elbows. Then take slowly and wrap your hands around if for any reason you can't get your hands around you can hold fingers. So you wrap your hands around and touch your palms together. Let your arms drop down your elbows drop down and your fingers fall out toward the wall in front of you. Keeping your arms in line with the your nose right at the center of your body. You should feel a nice stretch through the upper part of your back and between your shoulder blades. So hold this for about six to eight breaths letting everything open up and as you continue to hold then keeping the fingers pointed out toward the wall in front of you. Lift the elbows up just slightly so your fingers are in line right in front of your nose and this will transfer the stretch from the upper part of your back down more between your shoulder blades and your middle part of your back. And that's how you use eagle arms to open your shoulders.


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