Removing the Slide of a Springfield XD 9mm Handgun

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Learn how to remove the slide for a Springfield XD 9mm handgun in this free how-to video on proper maintenance care of a Springfield XD 9mm Handgun.

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Video Transcript

Alright here we are we just got finished talking a little bit about making sure our firearm is empty. We can see here I've left the slide open, but I'm going to let the slide back forward. Now I'm just going to let it slowly back. I'm not going to let it slam back because I don't have a round to help cushion the metal to metal contact so you always want to release your slide slowly. So here we are, our basic Springfield XD 9 in subcompact. We're going to take this firearm, see this safety here this rear grip safety we need to make sure that this rear grip safety is depressed or you won't be able to physically pull back the slide here. So I'm going to take it in my right hand, I'm going to depress the safety, and I'm just going to kind of spin the meat of my hand here around the top. Now I prefer to do it this way simply because I feel I have a little more control over the slide and as I push back at the front of the slide with my left hand I just keep inching my right hand in obtaining a little bit more slide in my right hand, so see. Just push back, push back, push back. Now you just take this right here, this front slide release and you just flip that slide into the upright position. You're going to flip it from horizontal and you're going to flip it to a veridical position and you're just going to slowly let your slide back loose. As you can see our slide will not come out and that's because we need to actually pull the trigger to drop the hammer so that our slide will keep in one fluid motion. So what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to just pull, I like to pull the trigger with my thumb because I'm just going to put my index finger here on the rear grip safety. I'm going to pull the trigger a that right there is going to release that hammer and let us take that slide off. Now that was our first step in breaking down the XD 9. The next thing we're going to do is we're going to work on our guide rod.


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