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Learn about hunting rifles for deer in this free video clip on deer hunting and hunting rifles.

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Video Transcript

There are various hunting rifles to choose from while hunting. There are many, many more from the 257 to the 243, 270, 30/6, 300 Remington, 7 mm Mag. Four of them I will mention briefly will be the 7mm Mag, 30/6, the 300 Winchester and the 270. If you are just deer hunting and all you plan on doing is deer hunting, in Texas you can flip a coin really between which one is better. Especially between the 270 and the 30/6. There is really no difference as far as knock down power just for deer purposes. I personally prefer the 30/6 cause it adds extra flexibility if later on in life you plan to hunt bigger game such as maybe a mule deer or an elk. With the 30/6 you can use a 150 grain bullet or a 180 grain bullet depending upon and re-zero in your rifle depending on which game you kind of hunt. The 7 mm Mag actually is a slightly smaller caliber than the 30/6 but the benefit of the 7 mm Mag it is a faster bullet so as a result the trajectory of the bullet as it travels distance is less. So the drop is less. So for the 30/6 if you have it zeroed in at 100 yards and you shoot 200 yards maybe the bullet drops 1.5 inches and you have to adjust to that while shooting. The 7 mm Mag will have a less percentage drop of the bullet while in flight. A 300 Winchester is a very big gun and is typically used more by guys or also for bigger game because it is a much bigger gun, much bigger bullet and so for beginning or just for deer hunting in South Texas leisurely, probably you want to steer away from that but it is a bigger gun just for if you want more knock down power. But those are the basic rifle decisions and basically what you are choosing on is kind of your long term goals. Are you just deer hunting or are you planning on using that rifle to deer, mule deer, and elk hunt. Also are you planning on taking 150 yard shots or less or are you planning on making long range shots like 250 or 300 yards. Also just the feel as far as holding it, whether it feels good, the weight, etc. The 270, the 7 mm Mag and the 30/6, all of them are commonly used especially in Texas for deer hunting.


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