Tiger Claw & Kick Combo in Tiger Style Kung Fu

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Learn a tiger claw and kick combo in Tiger style Kung Fu for self defense training, in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense
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Video Transcript

We’re going to show some of the tiger style from Black Dragon Kung Fu System. First one is going to be white tiger descends the mountain. The common stance used in classical form is a cat stance. Most of the weight is on the back leg, lead foot touches on the ball of the foot, the hands are held in the tiger claw posture with the lead hand tucked in, this hand back by the face. As the first move of encounter, you step forward, using a crossed arm block, a tiger claw cross, a leopard fist, also known as a half knuckle punch, followed by a kick. We’re going to do more common self defense application of this, in which I’m throwing the right hand. She’s going to use the reinforced block, crossed arm in this case, to stop my punch. Take my vision away with the tiger claw, use the leopard fist to take my wind away, and finish off with a kick. As she’s facing here, I’m throwing a right-handed punch, that’s her crossed arm block, and take the vision away by scraping the eyes, punching into the shoulder plexus or neck, following up with a knee kick. We’ll demonstrate that once again. I’m punching here, this comes across, hits, and then finishes me off. Now the posture of the hand coming back can serve as the secondary block if need be. We’ll demonstrate how this is. If you’re not throwing a single punch but I’m throwing more of a boxer combination. We’ll do the same move, block, and that one comes back as an automatic block. You don’t have to think block as you do your technique. The body is going to defend itself as the limbs crisscross in specific zones anyway.


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