Reverse Arm Lock Method for Kung Fu

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Learn the Kung Fu reverse arm lock technique for self defense training, in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense
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Video Transcript

First one we go to is a reverse arm lock. That’s where the arm is swung around, commonly used by the law enforcement, it’s what’s called a come along technique. Where we’re going to use this, she’s going to block out with the right hand, and that is going to force this arm down as the other hand comes inside the elbow for leverage. That pushes this hand up here and pulls that to my back. Raise it a little bit higher. That raises me off the ground where I can’t kick but she can still make me walk forward. Demonstration of that…block…bring it around…connect… going to block out with the right…she is going to be block outward. Just bring it up this way, pressing it down, that comes through and here’s your lock. We’ll do that once again. Blocking outward, move it away from your face. Blocking outward, pushing that around, right, there you go. That one is commonly used, again, as a come along art to go into a quick cuff technique, where the hit points to bring the opposite hands to join it. It’s also used as a restraint on the ground. We’re going to go to what is called an arm bar. With the elbow being what is called hinged joint, anytime it’s bending opposite of the way it’s naturally made to go, you have pressure in the elbow causing pain and/or dislocation or severe pressure and result in a break. What’s called an arm bar is when the wrist is being grasped and pressure on the biceps is applied to drive an opponent down, either to the ground for restraint, or to move him forward. Go ahead and grab the wrist with your left hand and put your forearm across here, and is pressed down as you pull up with the hand. That one puts pressure down, forces me to the ground. That’s the standard arm bar. Reverse, is if it’s being pressed upward. With this you would grasping here and using the shoulder of the arm. Go ahead, join the other hand, and push upward with the elbow. That brings me up here where I can’t turn around the strike. She can still walk me out of the door with that without the danger of being struck, or me turning around to grab. These are some basic come along techniques used as builders for some of the advanced methods of kung fu.


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