Golf Swing Slice Correction Tips

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Get rid of that embarrassing slice! Learn how to correct a slice & improve your golf swing in this free online video golf lesson.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to talk about a fault and fix. Okay. Now what I mean by that is that I am going to show you how to fix a pretty serious problem that most golfers have. Now typically this starts in the grip for most golfers. There are a lot of different areas that can make you have a slice. Now I would rather any of my students have a hook or a draw rather than a slice because a slice is very hard to fix. It is actually produced by a lot other things you have done in your life. The hard part about this sport is that you produce power but for me being left handed is the left side of my body and for the people being right handed is actually the right side of their body. That's not so much the hard part but if you think about baseball, you actually produce the swing. I would produce it from my left side with my left arm. The hard part about golf is the swing is the swing is translated from my right arm, the left side of my body. Now kind of a good example why this sport is so difficult. Now as long as you hold that finish, you are really going to notice that your body if you have a slice, it is going to end up for right handers toward the right side of their target and for lefties, the left side of their target. Now I'm going to actually try and slice this a little bit and you will notice that I am going to stop at impact right here. The club face is slightly open pointing to the left. That is why the ball is going to the left. Starting with the grip; if I have a grip that maybe is too strong with my left hand, too strong with my right, you have a tendency as soon as you take the club back here. If you have being strong with your left back away from your target and being weak with your right arm, right hand, as soon as you take it up you want to take it up and out like this instead of straight back. So when I take it out like this I tend to want to bring it down and across my body and that is also another product of a slice. Now what I am talking about with the slice, when the club face is open a lot of people swing across their path here; starting outside and coming way inside. Ideal swing is of course, straight back and straight through. Makes perfect sense; club face stays square, the ball is going to go square. Now from here if I hit a slice and come across with my swing path here, club going out and coming in. Notice how the ball was slightly pushed to the left there. The longer the club, the woods is actually going to exaggerate that even more. The faster you swing the more that it is going to exaggerate that. So keep that in mind in all your swings. The faster you accelerate the worst off you are going to be. You want to accelerate at a slow gradual pace. Now from here if I want to swing down the correct target path, I should end up with more of a straight shot. Slight drop but pretty much straight down my target path here.


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