How to Tie a Square Lashing Knot

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Tying items together in a right angle can be difficult. Not with the square lashing knot, however. Learn more in this free video series.

Part of the Video Series: How to Tie Camping Knots
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Video Transcript

Hi name is Dan and I'm here with Expert Village today to show you how to tie square lashing. It is very useful if you need to tie two poles or sticks in a right angle to each other. Again by tyeing a simple clove hitch. Attach it the vertical pole make sure you clove hitch is tight. Now take the working end and wrap over the horizontal piece and go around the back and then go down around your horizontal piece. Now wrap around and under and repeat the previous steps. Be sure to pull as tight as possible in order to secure your lashing. A frappeing turn is going to go simply around your turns. Every time you go around make sure to pull it very tight. This could be made off or once you finish three turn and you are frappeing make another clove hitch to finish your lashing off. That is the square lashing.


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