How to Make a Solid Fixed Loop at the End of Your Eye Splice Knot

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Learn the over-under pattern that makes a solid loop at the end of your eye splice knot in this free video series.

Part of the Video Series: How to Tie Camping Knots
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Video Transcript

Hi name is Dan and I'm here with Expert Village today to show you how to tie eye splice. Now take your three taped strains or take one of them and gently role you line that it opens up. Using your finger make a little loop and pass, one of your strains through. Repeat this step with the next strain. Naturally with the third strain. Now you have the beginning of a eye splice. Once you have begun it is simply a pattern of crossing over one strain and under the next. So go over and under, over , under, over, under. Once you have splice a reasonable length you might either tuck in your end of you line leaving hanging ornamentally or trim them off. As a final touch to make sure you have a very tight splice you want to roll the splice in between you hands, and then pull on it. Now you have a very solid fixed loop at the end of you line. That is how you make a eye splice.


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