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Sometimes snowmobiles need to make tight turns in order to change directions on trails. Learn more about making tight turns from our snowmobiling expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

So in this clip we're going to talk about how to get the snowmobile turned around like 180 degrees in a small area, because sometimes you're not always going to be out in a big open field where you can make nice wide turns. Sometimes you're going to be in a really confined spot. And the turning radius isn't all that great on some sleds. So, sometimes what you'll have to do is actually make your turn up into a hill and then pull it back and actually pull it around by hand, just so you can get turned around in a small area, because you definitely, you want to stay away from steep inclines, because if you try to make a turn and you get out on the edge of an incline, the snowmobile will tend to go with gravity, and you could lose your sled. So we've got a pretty confined area here. We want to do a 180-degree turn. So we're faced this way, and we're going to want to face that way. So I'm going to ride the snowmobile up and try to veer out as far as I can, to the right of the trail, but not getting anywhere near the sloping edge. And then I'll make my left turn and, if I can make it all the way around, I will. But if not, I'm going to try to go up the incline a little bit. That way it makes it easier for me to drag the sled around the rest of the way.


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