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Learn how to get in good Judo positions to defeat your opponent in this free martial arts video series from a Judo Master.

Part of the Video Series: Basic Judo Techniques
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Video Transcript

Welcome back to Expert Village. This is Cesar. We are going to go ahead and practice pro-fighting techniques, but before we do that actually we want to get into the positions. There are good positions and there are bad positions. This first position is called the Guard. She is going to get me in her guard. She is in a good position; I am in the bad position. It may seem like I have the advantage because I am on top of her, but she can actually do many things. Manipulate my arms especially. Maybe even my legs. Joint locks and such things in order to get the advantage over me. This is actually her being in the dominant position. The second position is the Side Mount. From here I could also apply techniques. I am in a good position. She is in a bad position. She is underneath me and she does not have her legs wrapped around me. The next position is the Gatame. In this position I can also manipulate her joints. She is in a bad position. I am in a good position. There is North and South. This is a pin. I cannot do too much from this, but there is so much more less that she can do. I can still move around her body. She cannot get out of this unless she is much stronger then me. This is the worst position that she can be in. Not only am I mounting her, but her only job here is to get out. She cannot submit me from here, she cannot successfully hit me from here unless I do not know what I am doing, but of course I do know what I am doing. The last position is the Back Mount. From here I could choke her out, I could role with her, I could manipulate her joints. I could do many things. This is almost as bad as being mounted. Again in this position her only job is to get up.


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