How to Stretch for Judo Training

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Learn how to stretch for Judo training in this free martial arts video series from a Judo Master.

Part of the Video Series: Basic Judo Techniques
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Video Transcript

Hi. Welcome back to Expert Village. Now this first stretch that we are going to do we are going to have Sierah here stretch her legs. Spread them, and make like a genie and go down and put all her weight down as far as possible. This is not just for her back, but also to stretch out her inner thighs. Very good! The second stretch. Get down over here and spread your legs as much as possible and then we are going to just walking forward. If this is as far as you can go that's good, but the idea is that you want to do the splits eventually. You want to pull yourself over more and more to get to this point. These two stretches are very important in order to have a good guard up while fighting on the ground. Now, the next exercises we are going to grab our hips and go in and out, side by side, around the world one side then to the other side and then we are going to grab our hand and twist. Now the point behind this is that we want to have very good hip action going on over here, because moving into a throw has a lot to do with the hip. If the hip isn't stretched out and warm you may not be able to be that flexible. Ok. That's good. Alright. Now, I'm going to go ahead and move onto other stretches. This stretch is a very basic one. This is mainly for the back of the legs. Stretch down and reach down for the ground. The mistakes that people do; go ahead keep going over there, they bend the knees or they focus on the waistline. The waistline is to bend. It's not just about doing this. The waistline has to bend all of the way down. If you are flexible enough to grab the back of your legs, the more better. This one is one of my favorites. We have to stretch your legs. This is mainly for the upper body waist. You want to stretch towards this direction; go down as far as possible. The hand facing your feet needs to go behind your feet and the other arm reaches for the ceiling. Of course you want to do the same thing for the other side. We are going to sit back down. We are going to put one foot in. We have to make sure that we make a nice four. Reach down. Again, this is not the back it is the waist, the hip area. The hand closest to the foot, lay it down. The one further away from the foot, it's stretched out. You want to reach for god. For the next reach we are going to reach over and touch your toe; of course, the same thing for the other side. The last stretch I'm going to show is the roll up. You are going to roll up and let your feet touch the ground. That is great for flexibility.


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