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The taekwondo front kick is one of the most basic kicks used in taekwondo. Learn the front kick from a taekwondo expert in this free martial arts video.

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Video Transcript

In this first section we're going to be talking about front kick. Your front kick is going to be your most basic kick, it's going to look like this. You put your guards up, pick you leg up, kick and back down. That's going to be your front kick, it's a very basic kick. Let's go ahead and break that down in three sections. First of all, let's talk about the part of the foot we kick with. Ok, now the part of the foot we kick with is the ball of your foot. Ok, the ball of your foot is going to be right here, right underneath your toes, that's going to be the ball of your foot. So, take your foot, put it on the floor like this, kind of like you're wearing high heels and stomp on the floor, you see how strong that is, keep it nice and tight. Now, from this position pick up your foot and this is going to be your chamber for your front kick. So, let's break it down, so one, pick up your foot, two, make sure you good front position kick, Keya, and three. Ok, now as you get better and better at it, start kicking higher and higher. So, one more time, one, two, Keya, three. So, here in guards up, look where you're kicking, one, now let's kick a little higher, two, Keya, three. Ok, now what I don't want to see, when you kick, I don't want you to bend your knee so you dip down, which a lot of people do. From your head, all the way down to the foot your standing on, everything should stay completely straight and upright. You don't want to bend, or a lot of people when they kick they go on their, your, your toes on this foot you're standing on. Keep everything planted on the floor. The only thing that moves should be your leg. From here, kick and down. So one more time, one, two hi-ya, three. Good job! And, that is your front leg, front kick.


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