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Turning is a basic snow skiing skill that every skier should learn. Get tips from a skiing expert on how to turn on skis in this free winter sports video.

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Video Transcript

So in this section I'm going to be teaching you the basic turn for snow skiing. What you want to do first is make sure that you're in the proper stance, then when you're ready to go and make your turn, on your inside slash uphill ski, you want to make sure there's a little less weight on it and a little bit more weight on your downhill ski. So first, as if I was going to be making a skiers left hand turn, I would lift this ski up just a little bit, put more pressure right here and it's going to bring my body around and switch it sideways just a little bit so it's like that. You still want to make sure that you're always in the proper stance and your hands are up here. Then for switching and making a skiers right hand turn, you want to do exactly the opposite, you want to take pressure off this ski and put pressure on this downhill ski and it's going to make it so it's going to bring you around like this and you'll pretty much go back to the exact same position, just you're going to be going towards the other direction. So now I'm actually going to be walking you through how to make a basic snow skiing turn. What you want to remember first and foremost, is to make sure that your stance is proper, have your feet shoulder width apart, have your hands up like this. First, we're going to make a skiers right hand turn, so what I'm going to be showing you is putting pressure on your downhill ski, taking a little bit of pressure off your uphill ski. Then we're going to be switching and making a skiers left hand turn and it's going to be the exact opposite. You want to switch weight from one ski to the other and take weight off the other one. So, now I'm going to walk you through as I make skiers right hand turn and a skier?s left hand turn. So you want to start out shifting weight off like that and shifting down. Keeping weight right here and then you're going to transfer it over and keep weight right there. And as you notice, when I shift my weight, it shifts my body over and it makes it so I can go from side to side. And that's how you make a simple snow skiing turn.


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