How to Do a Jumping Pull Up Exercise

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Learn from an expert how to do a jumping pull up exercise for upper body strength in this free fitness video on cross fitness pulling upper body exercises.

Part of the Video Series: Cross Fitness Upper Body Exercises
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Video Transcript

And we're going to go over now a building up exercise to be able to do a normal pull up. This exercise is called the jumping pull up and we're going to use our legs to help assist the beginning part of a pull up so we get the full range of motion. We're going to start, obviously, gripping the bar. We need a pull-up bar that's sturdy to support us during this and you do need to make sure you have enough clearance over your head so that you're not going to bang your head on the ceiling. We go down to a good position. You need a position where it looks like a half squat so you can get a good jump. If you don't get a good jump then there's no point in doing this because you don't get enough juice. If you need to use a step or something to get you closer to the bar to get you in a good jumping position, don't hesitate to use it. I don't need it on this bar. We're down here, then there's going to be a jump into a pull up. It's not a jump then a pull up, it's a jump into a pull up. We bend down and we jump up. Like you were trying to jump to touch a basketball hoop. Down, jump, up. You can do different grips like on any other pull up. Come down, jump up. Now, to build even more strength, we go over a negative only pull up in this section too, and you can combine a jumping pull up with a negative pull up where you jump over the bar and let yourself down as slow as possible. Most people, when they're learning pull ups, have trouble getting over the bar so we combine the two. We get over the bar with a jump and let our self down slow. Get over the bar with a jump, let our self down slow. Make sure you have a safe place to land. Get a good strong pull-up bar. Get something under your feet if you need it to give you enough jumping space or jumping space in your legs. Then you can do a jumping pull up and build up to regular pull ups. These are also great to do a lot of pull ups with, if you want to get cardiovascular exercise out of it too. That's the jumping pull up.


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