Hip Heist for Youth Wrestling Moves

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Learn hip heists, basic moves, starting positions, stances, and professional wrestling techniques in this free instructional competitive youth wrestling video.

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Video Transcript

The next drill we’re going to go over is called hip heist, and basically what they’re doing is a short sit. Josh and Richard will both demonstrate. Go ahead fellows. Now, notice their position; they keep themselves nice and compact, their left arm or right arm, depending on which way they’re going, is in tight. Their elbows lock at their hip. This will prevent a wrestler from reaching in or over. It’ll block that hand out. They’re nice and compact, their head is always up once again their head is always up. Richard is a little bit more extended than Josh brcause he has longer legs so that’s how they do that but he has his elbow locked into his hip, his head is always up. As we covered before with the hip heist drills, I’m going to show you, well Josh and Richard are going to show you, a hip heist in full motion. First they’re going to start off to the right and then they’re going to go to the left and you get to see it in full motion. This is used not only as a drill to teach him hip control, it’s also to teach them how to control their breathing and overall stamina. Go ahead fellows.


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