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Since female sugar gliders can't be spayed, learn the importance of neutering your male pet sugar glider in this free pet care video on owning sugar gliders.

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Video Transcript

Today I'm going to talk to you about neutering your Sugar Glider. Female Gliders can't be spayed, they are just too small and vets won't perform the procedure. It's most economic and safe to neuter your male Sugar Glider Why would you want to neuter your male Sugar Glider? The biggest reasons are because you don't want babies and you have a male and female, but the other reasons are: if you have a single male Sugar Glider and he does not have a companion they tend to be a little more prone to self mutilation just from loneliness. You can either get another Sugar Glider or neuter him. If you have two male Gliders that fight, neutering one or both of the male Gliders will generally stop the fighting between the two male Gliders. There is also the benefit that since some male Gliders will become too bonded with a human being and will see them as a mate and try to mate with you. Male Gliders are very aggressive with their mating and tend to do so with biting so if you are wondering why your intact male Sugar Glider suddenly started attacking you; it is probably because he is trying to mate with you. Most Veterinarians (exotic veterinarians) will neuter male Sugar Gliders for around $100-150.00. They can be neutered as early as sixteen weeks, and the younger that they neutered, the safer it is because the tissues aren't as vascular. It is not recommended to neuter any earlier than sixteen weeks.


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