How to Handle a Pet Sugar Glider

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Learn how to carefully handle your pet sugar glider because they are delicate animals; learn more about caring for sugar gliders in this free pet care video on sugar glider ownership and care.

Part of the Video Series: Sugar Gliders as Pets
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Video Transcript

today we are going to talk about handling a sugar glider and restraining them if you need to. These guys don't like to be held tight. If you do hold them tight, they will bite you. Almost inevitably, even the sweetest glider if you hold them tight will nip you. So, when you go to pick up a glider you want to come from the front and put your hands underneath their front feet, unless they're on your back. If you have to pick them up with your hands and actually, as I'm going to have to with this guy, use something that's not your hands so that they are not afraid of your hands. And what you can do is simply take this. Sorry this has gone horribly wrong. Take your fleece and wrap it around your sugar glider and then you can hold them this way. And once you have them nice and bundled up in a piece of cloth, they're generally fairly calm and they don't associate it with you. This guy is a little bit scared and has started crabbing. And then once to get a little bit better hold of them, you can grab them right behind on either side of their heads and hold them still. This is not a good way to bond with your sugar glider. This is just if you have to hold your sugar glider still for something necessary.


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