Accessories for Pet Sugar Gliders

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It's important to set up a cage for a sugar glider with natural branches, food and water bowls and a place to sleep; learn more tips on owning sugar gliders in this free pet care video.

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Video Transcript

We are going to talk about cage accessories for sugar gliders today. The cage accessories that are absolutely required for every sugar glider cage would be a water bottle (they will urinate and defecate in their water bowls if you provide a bowl for them and these guys are also not good swimmers and the other option is they could drown). They also need to have some place to sleep. They normally live in trees (in little holes inside of them) so they need to have a place to escape light completely so either a soft pouch like this where they can crawl into or you can also use... oh, some people use wood boxes. I don't really recommend them because they tend to pick up urine smells and they are very hard to keep clean whereas if you take a cloth bag they can just be thrown in the washing machine. You can also use plastic boxes or even cardboard boxes and just allow for a fleece lining inside. If you are going to use any sort of cloth material inside of these cages, you want to stay away from anything other than fleece. The reason that fleece is safe for these guys is it doesn't have the ability to unravel so it doesn't get stuck around their toes and then cut off circulation. The other things that are important to have in these cages are two to three food bowls for wet food, dry food, and insects. You are also going to want some natural tree branches. Most fruit trees are non-toxic, but you can ask your local gardener what sorts of plants around your area happen to be non-toxic and then gather them and put them in the cage for these guys to wear down their nails. They also like to strip the bark off of a lot of these branches. It is a natural behavior they have in the wild when they are looking for insects. The last and very important thing is to get a wheel for these guys. Again, they are very active and they need to spend a lot of time burning off this energy. Most gliders that I know really enjoy running on these things. The wire ones are generally not safe for these guys because they can get their tails, their very long tails, stuck in them, but you can use... this is called the Wodent wheel or there is something also called a stealth wheel. There are some also from some of the pet stores that you can get that don't have any holes in them or rungs that are metal that the animal can get caught on and that about covers the necessary accessories for your sugar glider cage.


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