Having Sugar Gliders with Other Pets

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Sugar gliders are one pet animals, they don't get along with other pets; learn about the problems of having other pets and sugar gliders in this free pet care video on sugar gliders.

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Video Transcript

Today we're talking about sugar gliders and their ability to get along with other pets. Sugar gliders pretty much don't get along with any other animal. They're aggressive toward animals that are bigger than them even though most animals with try and kill them. You can't put them with things that are smaller than them because they're predictors and will try and eat them. So, they will try and eat a hamster, they'll try and eat a lizard, they'll try and eat a small bird. If you have a canary in the house I suggest you keep it completely away from these guys? cages because it will just look like food to them. Obviously a dog or a cat could easily just bite right through one of these small creatures. The best case scenario, you might be able to get a dog to ignore the sugarglidder but the sugarglidder more or less won't ignore the dog. They will stand up on their back legs and try and bite the animal. They're very very territorial, they're even territorial toward other sugarglidders so you have to be very careful when introducing sugarglidders to other sugarglidders. So they're pretty much an exclusive pet in and of themselves. You can't expect them to get along with any other creatures in your house.


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