The Importance of Pairing Your Sugar Glider

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Learn how to pair and introduce companions to your pet sugar glider in this free pet care video on sugar glider ownership and care, taught by a sugar glider lover and expert.

Part of the Video Series: Sugar Gliders as Pets
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Video Transcript

This clip is going to be about how to pair a glider so more or less do you want to get one glider or two gliders when you are getting a pet? It is generally recommended that these guys stay in pairs. They do not bond less to people when they stay in pairs but since they are completely nocturnal the only way for them to have a companion is for them to really have another cage mate to play with. They interact, they are very social, they will wrestle around, they will chase each other around the cage and they can be very lonely. There is some thought that these guys will die purely of loneliness. I have taken one out of a cage before and separated it and they will spend all night barking for the other one. They bond very very closely. When you decide to pick two gliders you either want two females or two males and if you get them as babies they will get along for all of their lives. If you get them as adults, you have to be very very careful during your introductions. You can get a male and female and they almost always will get along but you also almost will always have babies so that is also worth taking into consideration and they will have babies all year around. You will end up with a lot of them. Even though they only have two at a time most people end up quickly overwhelmed. This one I have on me is a male and his girlfriend is on my back and they have been together for a few years now and they get along very well. So if you are thinking about getting a glider I recommend that you get two. If you cannot get two right away because of cost considerations, then try to get another one as soon as you can while they are still young because they will bond to each other better.


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