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Learn how to care for male and female pet sugar gliders and their different personalities and characteristics in this free pet care video on owning and caring for sugar gliders.

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Video Transcript

sexing your sugar glider and gender differences between the two. Right now on me I have a little female. The main differences in being unaltered or having a sugar glider that has not been neutered would be that the females have a pouch which would be a slit right about their belly button and the males have a cloaca and a testicle sack where the pouch would be so that would be above right where their belly button would be so it is a little different from a dog or a cat. The males if they have not been neutered have a patch right about the center of their chest. This is an oil gland which is a gland that they use to mark their territory and they also have the same gland on their head kind of like a bald spot. The personality differences between males and females - some people argue that there are no differences. My personal experience is that males overall seem to be a bit more outgoing and friendly and females are a little more grumpier and more possessive and that is not necessarily towards human beings but towards other sugar gliders. Both of the females that I have are very possessive of their male cage mates and have tried to kill any other female that has been near their cages so this is something worth considering when buying another glider to go with your gliders that males generally will get along better with other gliders if you get them separate. If you get them together it does not matter since they are babies and have been together. That about covers gender on these guys.


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