How to Pick a Healthy Sugar Glider

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Learn what characteristics to look for when choosing or adopting a healthy pet sugar glider in this free pet care video on sugar glider ownership and care.

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Video Transcript

how to pick out a healthy sugar glider. When you go to look for a healthy glider what you want to look for is one that looks like it has a nice big fluffy tail, like this one has. Bright eyed, check if you can, check their fingers and toes and make sure everything is there. Personality-wise, ideally you shouldn't have a glider that makes any noise, when you go to look at them; they should be quiet like this one is. If they're scared, terrified or don't like people they'll make a very angry, sort of crabbing noise. When you pick your stores, generally I don't recommend pet stores because they've been handled by a lot of people. They're exposed to a lot of kinds of diseases and overall, the pet stores staff is not well educated on diets. So what you'll like, ideally, you can go through someone for adoption, someone who already has one and is looking to place it, or you can also go to a breeder. And the things that you should look for in a breeder is they should know the nutritional requirements of these animals, keeps them in clean, spacious enclosures and overall seems to care about the health of their gliders, as well as their temperament, not just their physical conditions. As long as you stick to these principles, you should probably end up with a pretty good animal.


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