How to Sex Corn Snakes

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Learn how to sex Corn Snakes with expert snake pet care tips in this free animal video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Nicole and I'm here to tell you about corn snakes. This corn snake is ready to bite me, it's feeling a little edgy right now. He's a little terrified if you can see the tail here it will start to shake a little bit as I come in to pick up the snake. Now they don't have very many teeth so it's not going to be very painful if he does bite me. One way to come at a snake if it's getting ready to be acting aggressive is you just put your hand flat down on their head they really can't bite you from that position. So if you rather not get bit that is one way to do it. This guy is getting ready to shed so he's a little touchy right now but I'm going to show you how to tell if the sex of a corn snake. One way of telling the sex of a corn snake besides having your vet probe it is where they insert a small metal rod into this area of the snake. Because the snakes penis is kept on the inside of it's body the probe would go deeper into the stomach than it would on a female. Now one of visually determining the sex of your snake is by looking right here of cloacal opening you want to look at the base of the tail right here, how wide that is. This is a male he's a juvenile but it's pretty easy to tell because he's a male. It's very wide right here, on a female this would of thinned out a lot faster probably up to a size of this down here. In comparison to some other species of snakes the corn snakes do not have spurs near their cloacal opening. As you can see there is no spurs right here a lot of times males will have spurs there are used in the breeding process. But these little guys don't the only way you can usually tell the sex of a corn snake is by the base of it's tail. You may want to compare it to another snake to be able to tell the difference, it is a settle difference if you don't know what you are looking for but comparing two together at the same age will give you a pretty good idea which one is a male and a female. Remember that the females have a narrower base and the males have a lighter base.


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