Identifying the Sex of Tiger Salamanders

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Learn how to tell the sex of tiger salamanders in this free video clip about breeding salamanders.

Part of the Video Series: How to Care for a Pet Tiger Salamander
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Video Transcript

Now if you really get into salamanders, and taking care of salamanders, you might want to eventually someday breed them. First, it's important to know how to sex your salamanders because of course you are going to need a pair of them to create more. They are pretty easy to sex. The best way to do need to look at their cloaca which is underneath their tail. This is a male. And by just looking at the top of him, I could tell he's a mail and not a female because he has a very, very long tail. Here is a female who also has some girth to her because she is pretty much ready to breed. She is getting very fat. She has more girth than the male. And if you compare their tail length, you can see that his tail is a good inch or so longer than hers. So we know right away by comparing the two, that this is a male and this is a female. Now, to definitely make sure, if you look underneath at the cloaca. The male's right here, their testes get swollen right before they are about to breed. And pretty much, they stay swollen enough throughout the year that you can easily tell they they are a male. If we look at the female, and you can obviously see that she is missing the swollen testes.


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