Clipping Parakeet Nails

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For the parakeet owner, you may need to clip your bird's nails. Learn how to clip parakeet nails in this free pet care video.

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Video Transcript

Today we are going to talk about clipping nails on budgies. Let me explain first what would cause these guys to have overgrown nails. I do not recommend clipping these guys' nails unless they are overgrown. And, one of the big causes of overgrown nails will be having a single sized perch. So, if you are using smooth machined wooden dowels as the only perch in these birds' cages, what will happen is they do not get proper wear. So, they will overgrow and curl. So, if you look at this budgie's nails here, these are the right length. This is exactly the way they should look. They should have, you can see, that little red in there is the quick of the nail and then that very white tip is the sharp point. There is no blood supply in that sharp point. So, if you are going to clip the nails, what I recommend doing is clipping these birds' nails with a human nail clipper. For one, they are very sharp and the second reason is that you can control where exactly you are cutting. I do not trust, most pet nail clippers are too big for this size animal and I do not feel that I have good control over the instrument I am using and the tip of the bird's foot. So, if you are going to clip these birds' nails what you would is a lot of times you can just let them sit on your hand, or be grabbing onto the cage bars. You will use your nail clipper and take off just the white portion. Just like I did there. Just clip that very white tip. You do not want to clip where it is pink. If you clip right there where it is pink, what will happen is they will bleed. And, if you happen to have clipped too short and your bird starts bleeding out of its nail, what you can use is some cornstarch at home if you have nothing else. Or, you can buy at your local pet store something called Quick Stop, which you apply to the tip of nail. It is a clotting agent and will keep it from bleeding. If you have neither of these things around and you made your bird bleed, you can go run their foot underneath some warm water in the sink. The warm water will cause the blood to clot in their foot, or at least where it is bleeding out and stop the bleeding. It is generally not enough blood to make these guys bleed to death, but it will make quite a mess and you would be surprised how much something this small can bleed out. So again, if you are going to clip your budgie's nail, use a human toe nail clipper. Just clip the whites of their nails. Most of these guys do not have black nails. They are pink. You can see the blood supply clearly running through them. And, just remove the white tips that are overgrown in excess. If you want an example of what proper length and shape of budgie nails, this guy has perfect nails for a budgie.


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