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Want to get another parakeet? Learn tips for pairing two parakeets in a cage with this free pet care video.

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Hi, today we're going to be talking about pairing parakeets. If you've got a parakeet that's lost a mate, or you only got one; generally, you can get any other parakeet; as long as it's the same species. You can put them together, and have no problem. These guys are very, very gregarious birds. They're extremely social. In the wild, they'd be in very large flocks. If you get another male; get another female, they'll pretty much; get along with the bird that you have. You can have them in pairs. You can have them in sets of three. You can have a whole cage full of ten birds, and generally; all of them will get along. They're so gregarious that you can even have two or three nest boxes in there, with several pairs. The birds will pair off, and all breed in the same cage. They're very unique in that aspect. Many other species are competitive. With parakeets; you will see some squabbling, and there will be a dominant bird, and a less dominant bird in the pecking order that gets picked on, but for the most part they won't hurt each other, and they do all get along. When pairing parakeets, age doesn't matter. You can stick a very old parakeet with a very young parakeet, and oftentimes; the older bird will take care of the younger bird. I've also seen the reverse; where you have an old, decrepit bird that is on its last legs, and you put a young bird in there. The young bird will go and help take care of the older bird, and nurse him, cuddle up next to him, and clean his feathers. If you don't have at least an hour or two each day to spend with these birds, in an intimate way; carrying them around with you, and keeping them next to your desk, and holding them; then I recommend that these birds be kept in pairs. If they're not kept in pairs, they'll get very lonely. If these birds do not have interaction, a lot of times they will die of loneliness. If you can't spend a lot of time with this bird, but you're interested in having it in your home, it's very good to get another one. These birds will clean each other; they'll clean each others feathers, they'll sit next to each other, they'll play games together, they'll eat together. They have very familial type interactions with one another. That bird will need that from you, if it can't get it from another bird. So, if you don't think you can provide that kind of environment for this bird on a day to day basis, it's very important to get the bird a friend.


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