How to Trap Male & Female Feral Cats

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Learn how to trap both male and female feral cats in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Understanding Feral Cats
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Video Transcript

Some people ask me should I only trap the females because they're the one's making all the kittens? Well, I would highly recommend that you also trap the males. It's not just the females, if you could get the males. The males live really hard lives. They have to defend their territory, they have to fight for their food, fight for their females, fight for their DNA to get passed down with other tom cats so they're always at war. The best thing you can do for the health of the male cats out there that my heart goes out to because they come in sometimes to the clinic and they look like Rocky. They've been fighting their whole life, they've got scars all over their heads they're just like warriors and as soon as you can neuter them all of that testosterone goes away and they mellow out and they just live and they're still territorial, they will still defend their territory but instead of duking it out with teeth and claws causing massive absesses they've got the jowels so big they can barely fit in the trap basically they just mellow out and they live their lives instead of fighting they tend to do the stare down and they'll still, I've actually seen cats in my North Hollywood alley that just stare each other down and they will force an unaltered cat back out of the alley and they will not let him into his territory so again equally important that you trap the males don't just obsess on the females because you see them having the kittens they've got a partner out there.


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