When to Trap Feral Cats

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Learn when it's best to trap a feral cat based on the cat's habits and time of day in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Understanding Feral Cats
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Video Transcript

The best time to trap a cat is usually at dusk. Like little lions they are nocturnal thats when they start to wake up move around come around for their food. That's general when people feed them is during the evening when the sun starts to fade. That's when you want to set your traps. You always want to stay with the traps when you set them. The biggest mistake I find that people make is they set the traps they go have dinner they will come back to check them and they'll be one maybe two cats in the traps and the rest of the colony, 10 more maybe,are sitting around staring at there friend trapped inthe trap and their like I'm not go8ing in there so there's a trick to really successfully trapping all the cats in the colony is to stay with those traps, don't be lazy, don't go to dinner, don't abandon them, stay with them. If you have to bring a book and read sit out there with them until a cat goes in that trap you need to pull it from the sight right away so the rest of thier friends don't see the cat sitting in the trap and figure it out, because they're incredibly savvy animals, you want to pull that trap right away out of sight out of smell from their friends, set down another trap and as soon as another cat goes in there you pull it away, put down another one. People have been very very successful trapping all their cats in thier colony and again in L.A. there can be anywhere from five cats to fourty so we want you to be done with the trapping as quickly as possible and again the quickest way to successfully trap all those cats is to stay with the traps


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