How to Bait Resistant Feral Cats

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Resistant feral cats may still be baited. Learn more in this free video.

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Video Transcript

You always want to use a really good bait. Tuna's good, some people swear by dry cat food, some - everybody has their own thing they want to use; sardines, macaroni, eggs and bacon, I mean I've heard the darndest things. Use whatever you think is gonna lure that cat in. Kentucky fried chicken original recipe, and I'm not kidding, that you would tie up to the back of the trap for the really trap resistant, the trap savey cats - I've seen the darndest, like, cat smartest; or I'm not going in that trap, I'm not going in that trap. They want that KFC original recipe and you can laugh at me if you want, but an older trapper woman taught me this, and I thought she was out of her mind, and I went to KFC and I got the drumstick, I tied it up and I had this pregnant cat in that trap who would not go in that trap, but boy she wanted that skin. Whatever they do, the cats love it, so it's a really good bait. You want to cover the trap to keep the cat calm as well. The difference between a stress-free is, well, I would say reducing the stress of the trapping experience for the cat is keep the trap covered. And as soon as you, people get concerned about the cats and when they're trapped they'll pull back the trap cover and say, "Are you okay?" and they have a heart attack. They have a flight response - I want to get out, I want to get out. And they bang their noses up against the, the steel and they might pull at their nails. Keep the cat covered, keep them calm. You can peek in at the cat, you know once it's trapped, they'll probably spit and hiss at you and don't take it personally.


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