How to Use the Water Bottle Trick on Feral Cats

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Utilize the water bottle trick on feral cats near your home in this free video.

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Video Transcript

More than likely you are going to have the challenge of having multiple cats per colony. In general once a feral cat has been trapped in a humane cat trap they are not going to go back in. But sometimes, for whatever reason, if their hungry enough or maybe they just didn't think it was such a bad deal to go into the trap and go get spayed or neutered and then come back and get fed. So for the ones that you don't want to retrap, we have these little trappers trick and we call it the water bottle trick. What you can do if you want to selectively trap when this trap goes off, and which cat you trap, what you can do is instead of actually hooking, remember the hook, how you set the hook on the trap, instead of hooking this trap, I'm not going to hook it. I am going to take a plastic water bottle full of water and I'm going to put it right underneath this trap gate here. I'm going to wrap rope of twine around the water bottle. I'm going to spool off into the distance. If a cat goes in that I don't want to trap, this trap is not set the trip plate is not set so this gate is not going down. But if I spooled with the twine around the bottle and spooled off sitting in the distance I can basically pull this water bottle out, so I am controlling when the trap goes off. This is a really good technique if you've got a pregnant female and she's got kittens, the kittens always run in first, always. The female gets spooked off and you have a hard time trying to trap her. So what you can do is basically selectively trap when the trap goes off and get the Momma cat first, get her into the vet, get her fixed and then get the kittens.


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