How to Handle Tame Cats

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Learn how to handle tame cats that are not feral in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Understanding Feral Cats
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Video Transcript

If you find what we call a friendly feral in your feral colony or you know a tame cat that is living outdoors, the best you can do if at all possible is get that cat off the street and out of the feral colony and adopt it into a good home. If they have food and water and a good care giver to watch over them, they can do OK but obviously an abandoned cat is like dumping someone in Syberia or Mars because they are just used to being an indoor house cat and to just dump them outside they do as well as the truly wild born into the wild ferals do. So if you are able to, in LA it's hell because there is so many abandoned and homeless cats and you know the shelter euthanasia rate is so high for cats and kittens. Everybody tries to adopt out all these cats and kittens and there is just not enough homes right now currently in Los Angeles unfortunately. So a lot of us have to put back the tames and friendlies back into these colonies that we call managed. That means food and water everyday, looked over by a caring caregiver so if any cat gets sick after the spayed and neuter process, they can hopefully retrap the cat and get it back to the vet and get it some care. Hello sweet boy, Hello, Hello Pumpkin. This cat was obviously not born into the wild. This cat is happy. Are you purring? Yeh this cat is purring but ideally a friendly feral cat is vulnerably to walking up to just anybody and if it's not a good neighborhood or not a good place, ya know, he's definitely or she's definitely at risk to be harmed potentially. So if you can get them out of that colony and get them off the street and into a warm loving home, that's gravy.


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