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Covering feral cat traps to ensure their security is discussed in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Understanding Feral Cats
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Video Transcript

So when a feral cat goes into the trap and steps on this trip plate and sets the trap off, like this, initially they are going to have a flight response, it's a panic response to being trapped in captivity. They may run back and fourth and they may scrape their nose, their face against the steel, it is a steel trap. They may pull out their nails, you may see blood, so we want to reduce that flight response and the best way to do that rather than trapping with the trap completely uncovered and exposed which will create the cat feeling extremely vulnerable. You always want to cover the trap when you set it and you make it look just like a little magic box so it is partially covered. You still need to see when the cat has gone in there but basically it's like a little secret magic box which might help lure them in. Once the cat is trapped, keep your energy calm, walk up to the trap and your going to cover the whole thing so that the cat is completely covered and that will keep the cat remaining calm. If the cat is exposed, every time you check on it, "Are you OK?" They have a little heart attack and they will start the panic flight response again. As long as you keep the trap covered, that cat will stay calm, they go what is called dormant. Just like in the jungle, the big lions, as long as they're up they're in the jungle and in the trees and they're looking down on you as prey, they feel confident. As soon as they're exposed and you look up and see them they have a flight response. So this is one of the most crucial things I can't say enough. People bring traps like this every day into the animal shelter completely uncovered and the cat is literally having a heart attach. You have to keep the cat covered and calm as soon as you get it into the trap.


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