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Baiting a feral cat trap with food on a lure is discussed in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Understanding Feral Cats
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Video Transcript

So, it's pretty important to make sure that a trapped cat does not have food in its stomach when it goes in for surgery the next morning. You always want to trap the night before the surgery. And the reason for that is you want to make sure you can contain the cat to verify that they don't have food in their stomach. If they go in for surgery and the vet sees a big plate of food inside the trap, more than not, they're going to not do the surgery because the cat, with food in its stomach, just like a person, will, may possibly throw up under anesthesia and can exfixiate that food into the lungs, develop aspirate pneumonia and potentially die. We don't want that to happen. So what you can do to avoid that problem is when you set the trap, you are going to but a little dab of bait right here at the entrance as a lure. And then another little bit of bait right there and then rather than sticking a big old plate of tune or whatever you are going to use for your bait inside the trap at the very back. You are going to set that bait outside the trap, on the ground. Put a big blob right there. This part of the trap is not lined and I'm going to squish that bait up through the bottom of the trap. You see where I'm headed? So, once the cat goes into the trap, and this goes off, you pick up the trap, all the bait falls out through the bottom because the paper's not there to keep it in there and then you can just simply take the cat to the vet with no food in the trap. You don't have to struggle with trying to get a big old plate of tuna outside of a trap with an angry, aggressive feral cat inside it. You just simply let the bait all fall out through the bottom of the trap and that way you can rest assured that the cat's not going to throw up under anesthesia. Really, really, seriously important.


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