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Make homemade cat toys out of boxes in this free video.

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I'm going to talk to you today about boxes. Boxes are great cat toys. THey are kind of like bags in that your cat will probably find one on its own and jump into it. But cats just love, if there's a box sitting on the ground, cats just love running and jumpoing into the box and jumping out and putting their paw over the top. And they really like it when you go up and tap the side of the box or you put a toy in it. There are a lot of different ways your cat can enjoy a box. But another thing that cats enjoy that I have noticed are holes in things. They like to put their paw in the hole or a toy in a hole and try to get it out. That can be a very great way to interact with your cat. So, I'm going to combine the box andthe hole. I'm going to make a hole in the side of the box. All I'm going to need is just a regular steak knife. I'm going to gently poke a hole in the bax, and crave just a little square. Just about two inches on each side. LIke so. So we have al ittle hole that is definitely big enough for a paw, not quite bi enough for a head. I wouldn't want them getting their head caught in this or anything. But, what's going to be really a lot of fun is putting a little toy in there and the cat's going to try to reach in there and get it. or this box happens to have a top, so you could leave the top open. And cat's love it...they are very curious creatures, so they love it if there is something sitting on the floor that they are interested in and they will go and they will find the fun in it. They will find the fun in an inanimate object. So, when you provide those objects for them, they really get curious and they're going to go explore this box like you'd never believe.


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