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Make cylindrical-shaped homemade cat toys in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Here to talk to you about making a cylinder cat toy. When something's rolling away from a cat, the trigger is their predatory instincts and their chasing instincts; their going to go after that thing. So, we're going to play on that a little bit and make a cylinder cat toy today out of a film canister. You take an old film canister and we're going to add something to it to give it a little bit of a noise. That's another thing that cats like incorporated into their toys, are anything that makes noise; a little bell, a little shaking, so that when the thing is rolling it's going to have a noise accompanying it. When you're training a cat and you make a noise associated with what you're trying to teach them, they learn better! So, that's one reason why adding a noise to a toy can really trigger that instinct to be trained and to remember that that toy is something fun to play with. So, today I'm going to add a little bit of rice to this film canister because rice is something that doesn't really age, it's not going to go bad, it's just going to sit in the container and make the right kind of noise when the cat wants to play with it. So, I'm going to put a little bit of the brown rice into this film canister, probably fill it up about half way. It's really up to you how much you fill it; how much you fill it is going to determine what the noise is like. With something small, it's good to use a funnel if you have one just because it makes the process a little bit tidier. It's filled up to about here. I'm just going to put the cap on and shake it. And listen to how great that sounds. When it's rolling around it's going to attract your cats a mile away.


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