Make Cat Yours Out of Paper Bags

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Make paper bag homemade cat toys in this free video.

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Video Transcript

A lot homemade of cat toys were discovered on accident, and the paper toy is bag no exception. Have you ever come home from the grocery store, and you happen to throw one of the bags on the floor, and your cat comes along and thinks its found a really nice house? Well you can do this any time you want, making the paper bag toy is very easy, just grab a small or large paper bag depending on how big your cat is obviously their not going to fit in a lunch bag unless you have a kitten. I’ve, today I’ve chosen a really small bag, and I’ve notice cats like small spaces to feel like they're in a little house. So that’s one reason that this is a great toy because the cat feels like it's in a nest or den, it really pleases them. So just open the bag and I like the sides to be popped open so that the bag is just folding in all the medically. So just make sure that all the cruses are punched out and then are bag will stay firmly on the floor. Now some cats like noise and are attracted to it and other cats are shy and skittish, cats that do like the noise will be attracted to noise aerated to the bag noise and know that some times these was my parents cats favorite toy. Every time I would bring a paper bag out like this or every time we come back from the grocery store I splat trying to climb in and play with each other. That’s another nice thing about this if you have multiple cats will play in the bag, one will go and tap on the side of the bag. It's a whole lot of fun, a go cat in a bag is and why to lewder to put a treat or even a toy. Another fun thing, if you have tinfoil ball you can roll the tinfoil ball in there very easily, and that will timetate them more.


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