Make Catnip, Sock & String Cat Toys

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Make homemade cat toys from catnip, socks and string in this free video.

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Video Transcript

. I just showed you how to make the catnip sock toy. I put a little bit of catnip in a sock and it's now lining the inside and it's also collected on the bottom a little bit. I've also tied a knot toward the top to keep the catnip in but also leave enough of the sock hanging to give some variety to the toy. One dimension I can add to this cat toy is tying it to a string. Before we tied a tin foil rod to a string but now, since we're tying the catnip toy to a string it's a little bit of a different animal so to speak. So what I'm going to do is cut another piece of string. So I'm going to tie the string at the top of the knot and I'm just going to make a little knot. And you want to make sure that the knot is tight because unlike the tin foil rod we don't want the cat taking the toy too easily. We want to remain in control of this cat toy. As I mentioned before catnip is something you want to give your cat in small doses. We don't really know what catnip does to cats so we want to limit them from having too much of it. It's like giving a child too many sweets, just not a good idea. So the great thing about this cat toy is you have complete control over how much the cat gets. You pull this along, you can take it away when the cat gets too frisky, but you can also lure it a lot more easily than you would be able to with just a plain tin foil rod on a string. A lot of cats are lazy, especially is they are indoor cats. The older they get the less active cats tend to be so the more important it is for us as owners to take a role in giving them exercise. And, having a toy like this will lure even the laziest of cats up.


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