Make Cat Toys Out of Socks

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Make homemade cat toys out of socks in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Cats love socks. Have you ever had a cat jump into your laundry hamper and just bat around your socks? It's just the most adorable thing and they love it. They love it even more when you tie a knot in the sock or you do something creative with the sock. Have you ever wondered what you are going to do with all the unmatched socks you have floating around in your sock drawer? Well, this cat toy will solve that problem. If you have any extra socks lying around just take one, today I've chosen more of an exercise sock but you can choose a knee sock or a regular sock. Thick, thin, wool, cotton, cats love it all. They're going to chew and play with this toy no matter what kind of sock it is. So one simple way I like to play with a sock it to put my hand in it like a puppet. This creates a sleeve for you, it's almost like a protective mitten and what I'm going to do is sort of poke at my cat and tease him a little bit. Cats love it when you simulate little animals. Anything that is little and squiggling will remind them of a rodent and really bring out their predatory instincts. So you want to play up to the cat's instincts as much as possible. So with this sock toy I can push the cat a little bit but not too much because sometimes cats get a little too rough when they are playing and they like to scratch and bite you. So, that's why it's good to have a little bit of a shield but to know your limits. So when putting your hand in a sock has gotten old, another thing you can do with a sock is to tie a knot in it. This will give the cat something to grab on to. With a knot in the sock it's sort of like the little body of a mouse so that the cat really feels like it's fighting a real animal. I'm going to tie a knot in the middle and the cat will like to grab the middle and kind of bat at the sides and chew on the sides so it gives a variety to the toy and I think cats really like that is when it's not just one type of shape. It's got texture difference and variety to it and the cats just love this toy. It's another, it's a real classic standby.


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