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Make string homemade cat toys in this free video.

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The string toy is a total classic. It just reminds you of little kittens and balls of yarn and rolling around and coziness and home time and I just think it's great to bring the string back to cat toy world. So we're going to start with a regular ball of string. You can pick this up at a hardware store. It's a very utilitarian household object. I'm going to find the end of the string and I'm going to unwind about three feet at the most, is what you want. Today I'm going to choose something about three feet long, this long I would say. It's really important that we exercise our animals. When you have a dog you take it out for walks and run around but sometimes, especially with indoor cats, they don't really move around as much and they can become obese and have all sorts of problems by not getting enough exercise. So one thing that's great about a cat toy like string is you can really encourage the animal to move around a lot and move where you want it to move. So, whereas if you give an animal a ball, they might bat it around for a little while and then get sick of it. Whereas with a string you have a lot more control and a lot more involvement in their movement and their exercise. So, you know, you could take the string, if your cat is sitting right there, go like that and the cat will run over there. And you can basically manipulate them and sort of trick them into getting a good workout. So it's actually really a healthy toy.


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