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Make tin foil ball homemade cat toys in this free video.

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Video Transcript

All cats just, I don't know why, but they go nuts for tin foil balls. And the way I discovered this is one day I was baking or something and ripped off a little piece of tin foil and noticed that my cat was just batting it around and having a grand old time. So, I crumpled it up in a little ball and threw it and it literally entertained the cat for hours on end. There's something about the texture, the density and the way the object moves that the cats just love. Another reason why cats love the tin foil ball is that cats are attracted to light and changes in light. So anything that's glittering or gleaming or shining in any way will be really attractive to your cat. That's why when you take a flashlight or there's a spot of sun on the floor that's moving, your cat tends to be very attracted to that. So, the tin foil ball has the advantage of being shiny. What I'm going to do is take a piece of tin foil and I ripped off about a square foot, but you can really do any size that you want. Some cats like the little balls. I know my cat tends to like a bigger ball, but it's really up to you. So, this is another toy that can be tailor made to your cat. So, I'm going to use about a square foot and just like the paper ball, I'm just going to crumple it up, nice and easy. So, now if you notice I have about an inch and a half of a dense tin foil ball that will be bouncy and roll around like a paper ball but still have that tin foil consistency which is what is so attractive to cats.


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