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Removing ticks from dogs by pulling their bodies straight out of a dog's skin is discussed in this free video .

Part of the Video Series: Flea & Tick Control
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Video Transcript

Hi this is Elise McMahon with and this video series we are going to talking about flea and tick prevention. If you like to find more about my services you can visit my website So in this short series in this short clip here we are going to be talking about what to do when you find a tick. How do you get a tick off of your dog? How there is probably a hundred and one different ways that people can come up with from burning the abdomen of the tick with a blown out match to pouring oil over it. I find the simples to remove the tick is simply grasp it there I actually gone over this dog but unfortunately he has no ticks but I'm just going to demonstrate for you what I would do if he had a tick. Lets just say there was a tick right here. There was a tick right here it would be a brown body protruding here and you would be actually be able to move that tick back and forth and his head would be attach into the dog. What I do and I find that this is the easies method because what you want to do is you don't want to leave the head attached. If you just take the body of the tick and you pull it straight out so if you just pull it straight out you topically going to separate the abdomen of the tick from the head of the tick and you are going to leave the head embedded in the dog. What I do is I take the body of the tick and I slowly and twist at the same time that I'm gently pulling and removing the tick. This is a great method of removing the ticks. The only problem is that a lot of people are squeamish and they don't want to touch the ticks. If that is the case they make devices that will help you take the ticks out this way. So this is a tick removal system here this little plastic thing that looks like a ice cream scoop and you can just see that there is a little slip cut here and what you do is you come up and you slide this the body of the tick under here so you have the head, the body, in here and you just come in and you just very slowly remove the tick and pull it away from the dog. This is a good way again to insure that the head doesn't come detached from the dog and that means the head would stay embedded in the skin of the dog and you wind up with the body of the tick. Whatever method that you chose you want to make sure that you if it is a sometime you get a big sort of infected area the tick was clean the spot and wash your hands very throughly after disposing of the tick.


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