How to Feed and Water your Puppy Properly during Housetraining

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Learn how to feed and water your dog to make housebreaking more effective in this video.

Part of the Video Series: How to House Train a Puppy
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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tracey Tenner and this is Doc. I’m the resident dog trainer and behaviorist here at Extra Care Hospital in Davy, Florida. We are here to talk to you today about how to house train your puppy. One of the more important aspects of potty training your puppy is learning how to feed and water them properly. A puppy that eats a little and drinks a little is going to pee and poop a little all day long. Therefore, we like to feed our puppies on an average of two times a day and give them all the water they want with their meals. In between if your puppy is thirsty; by all means give it a little bit of water but not an entire bowl. Also, I like to cut out all food and water by 7:00 in the evening so that it makes it easier for your puppy to hold it throughout the course of the night. Remember don’t let your puppy becomes a picky eater. Put the food down, when the dog walks away from the bowl, pick it up and offer it to him or her again at their next regular feeding time. If we leave food down all day, your puppy is never going to learn when to eat because he or she will know that the food is always there and it is really not important to eat it right away. When we are in the course of potty training and scheduling, we want our puppies to learn to go potty right after they eat. Therefore, we put down the correct amount of food, do measure it and as soon as the puppy walks away from the bowl, we are going to run him or her outside to go potty.


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