How to Know when your Puppy Has to Pee : Tips for Housebreaking Puppies

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Learn when to take your puppy out to pee by being aware of the signs it gives in this free online video series.

Part of the Video Series: How to House Train a Puppy
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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tracey Tenner and this is Doc. I’m the resident dog trainer and behaviorist here at Extra Care Hospital in Davy, Florida. We are here to talk to you today about how to house train your puppy. The first thing we have to learn about potty training our puppies is when they have to go pee. Every single puppy has its own sign that they give letting us know that it has to go. Some puppies will circle, some puppies will sniff and some puppies will back up. Every puppy is a little bit different but it is very important that you learn your puppy’s sign that it has to go. When you see that sign, we are ready to run it outside. Also be aware that puppies have to pee every single time they wake up whether it is from overnight or a nap they also have to go last thing at night before they go to bed. They have to go after they eat or drink and the one that many people tend to miss is during or after the course of hard play. If your puppy is running around the floor and having a great time, chances are good that he or she is going to stop and squat. So be aware of those times so that you can beat your puppy to the punch and take it outside before the accident happens.


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